Voting in my First Swedish Election
In this era of anti-immigrant sentiments, I find it more and more important for me to self-identify as an immigrant. Mostly, so my American friends and family start to associate my white face and educated background with the term, instead Read more.
This Year’s Midsummer Actually Falls Mid-Summer
Midsommar is usually a bitter-sweet celebration for Swedes. The weather is just starting to warm up and it finally starts to feel like summer weather after a long May of cold, dreary rain with average temperatures in the 6-11 C (43-52 F) Read more.
Swedish Summer Pop Playlist 2018
Whether you dance in your car, your kitchen, or in your underwear, this playlist will help you get into the summer backyard BBQ mood.   Discover some new artists and dance your heart out this summer with this Spotify playlist or Read more.
Learning Through Play—First year in a Swedish School
Necessary disclaimer: I understand and acknowledge that not every school in Sweden does things the same way. This is simply a little peek into what we have experienced. “What does your typical school day look like? What do you do?” I Read more.
Looking for trash, volunteers discover streets are super clean
Determined to “clean up the streets” a small group of volunteers in a suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden, struggled to find trash to fill their bags. Armed with gloves, oversized trash bags, and water to stay hydrated in the hot Read more.
Saturday Candy—Sweden’s Limited Obsession with Candy
In a recent  New Yorker article, How to Eat Candy Like a Swedish Person, the general public learned about Sweden’s (limited) obsession with lördagsgodis or “Saturday candy.” Messages about this article flooded my inbox with questions like, “Is this true?” Read more.
The Swedish Approach to Postpartum Health
It seems like all too soon, mothers of newborns are concerned about losing the baby weight. “What a cruel scheme to keep a woman from knowing her power. To put the focus on what pregnancy did to her body rather Read more.
The Parenting Advice That Changed My Life
That brief conversation at the playground that day changed how I approached parenting forever. I gave up at least 95% of the parental anxiety and worry I had been needlessly carrying with me. Read more.
The Differences Between Then and Now: Reflections on Integration
Over the past six years, we have become a murky blend of less-American-but-not-quite-Swedish. We’ve kept some of the old but mostly, we have embraced the new. The differences between January 2012 (back then) and January 2018 (now) are stark. Stark Read more.
Växtförsäljning’s Christmas Market Review
Don’t try to say “växtförsäljning” three times fast unless you are from a Scandinavian country or unless you want a tongue twister challenge. Växtförsäljning translates simply into “plant nursery” and our local nursery sells wonderful plants, bushes, and trees during Read more.
Länsmånsgården’s Christmas Market Review
Continue to live vicariously through our journey to various Christmas Markets in our Swedish town and beyond. So far, we have traveled north to Sigtuna, and Gävle, and stayed closer to home to Wira Bruk, and now Länsmansgården. Länsmansgården is Read more.
The Gävle Goat Survives
Gävle, Sweden is famous for this oversized straw goat. It’s only famous because vandals burn it down every year much to the sadness of the townspeople of Gävle. Or are they really sad when the goat burns down? It is Read more.
Dragon Skulls, Fairies, and Trolls at Wira Bruk’s Christmas Market
Wira Bruk is an old iron works village that was active back in the heyday of Sweden’s superpower era when they were cranking out weaponry as fast as they could. It’s the site where the King’s weapons (read: swords) and Read more.
My Review of Steninge Slott’s Christmas Market
Steninge Slott’s Julmarknad is always a fun trip out to Sigtuna, Sweden. The Christmas market is housed in the stone barn behind the 17th Century palace and the interior is stunning. The vaulted ceilings of the barn give it an Read more.
Soul Sighs
  Home is… Home is more than a building. More than a house in which we hold breakfasts and dinners every day. More than a place where the kids visit after school. More than a place where we all sleep at night, Read more.
Visiting the Christmas Markets in Sweden
It is Christmas Market (Julmarknad) season in Europe and Sweden has some of the most darling Christmas markets. Glögg (mulled wine), reindeer meat, and candles on evergreen trees are all part and parcel of a good Swedish Christmas market. Kickstarting Read more.
Creating Kiddo Story Time | Knocked Up Abroad
Creating Kiddo Story Time—Improvisation at Its Best
I sat down with my son, Calvin, to ask him a few questions about his new school and find out what he likes most and least about living in Sweden. His answers surprised me a bit! After we finished the Read more.
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful chaos.That’s what this is.Motherhood.Fatherhood.Parenting.Messy and exhausting it’s notSupposed to be orderly.It’s not supposed to make sense. We establish routines for normalcySo the children know what to expect But in the endAnd we all follow the routines like a religion.Bath, Read more.
Unmedicated and Unplanned Birth Story on Motherbirth’s Podcast
I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Mellisa and Laura on Motherbirth’s podcast and describing my somewhat unusual birth story that other women have also experienced with Hypnobabies (aff). It is incredible to think that more and more mothers Read more.
Why You Should Give Some Cities a Second Chance
Have you ever met someone who raved about visiting a particular city and you wrinkled your nose and shook your head, “Gah, no. That was not our experience at all!” How can people have such different impressions of the same Read more.
Family Travel Guide to Öland, Sweden
Ice cream, go-karts, beaches, and alpacas? Explore this tiny island to find some hidden gems off the east coast of Sweden in this family travel guide.   In European countries, it is common for the entire country to shut down Read more.
Life in the 1800s, I mean, in a Swedish stuga
“Where’s the chamber pot?” I asked my husband at 2 am. “You’re kidding me,” he mumbled. Wish I was, my dear, wish that I was. If you ever wanted to know what life was like before modern conveniences, then look Read more.
Celebrating A Lagom Swedish National Day
Blue skies, swings hanging beneath leafy trees, blooming flowers, and a bright sun with a slight breeze—the setting was perfect for a typical Swedish holiday. The temperature was lagom—not too hot, not too cold—and the sun felt just right against Read more.
Forest Preschools—What, Where, Why, and How?
Forest preschools—a potential solution for whiny kids   My kids are super sweet but the annoyingly high level of whining that occurs after I pick them up from their Swedish preschool is shocking. I’m always amazed how they can go Read more.
Here Come the Easter Witches
When you think about Easter, you immediately think “witch.” No? Me neither. Probably the funniest Scandinavian tradition is the Easter witch. In Sweden and Finland—young children hit the streets the Thursday before Easter dressed as peasants (or in their finest Read more.
7 Ways Swedish Women Can Revolutionize Your Life Today
  You know what they say, “You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” In honor of Women’s History Month, I am highlighting seven largely unknown Swedish female revolutionaries from history. Okay, one of them is Read more.
Parenting: Leave it to the trolls
Affiliate Links The first image that may come to mind when someone mentions trolls is probably a small plastic figurine with a shock of bright hair, large eyes, and a bejeweled belly button. These Danish troll dolls were the US’ Read more.
12 Strange Truths In A Snowy Climate
  Living in a snowy climate can be fun if you like snow, but it can result in some strange lifestyle adaptations. For instance, you discover that gloves don’t keep your fingers warm and you double up on mittens, and you end Read more.
When The Exciting Life Feels Normal
  When we first moved to Sweden (five years ago, ahh!), the newness of everything was overwhelming. Every day we jumped into the unknown with glee. It was thrilling to have a clean slate. We could be whoever we wanted to Read more.
5 Reasons Why Stroller Naps Are The Best Naps
When we moved to Stockholm, Sweden from the US, I noticed that there was a line of strollers parked outside of the cafes during the daytime. I heard the faint sound of a baby making noise tucked under a bundle Read more.
Raising a Viking Child
  A while back, I wrote an article for ParentCo called, “5 Steps to Raising a Viking Child” and it was by far my most popular article to date. The folks at ParentCo contacted me and asked me if they Read more.
Guiding the Newbies
Newbies We’ve all been newbies at one point or another—whether it was in high school, college, or that first year living abroad. One thing is constant—newbies generally have no idea what they are doing. The days can be long and Read more.
A Tale Of Two Kindergartens—USA and Sweden
What do two kindergarten classes separated by an ocean, language, and culture have in common? In what ways do they differ? What are five-year-olds expected to learn while attending preschool in the US and Sweden? Are there any advantages or Read more.
Parenting Abroad: Freedom To Discard Unwanted Holidays
Most days, I feel all alone. Geographically isolated from all that is familiar and linguistically isolated from what I know. The foreign language around me is easily tuned out and processed as white noise. It’s soothing and I am alone Read more.
How 9 Expat Moms Celebrate (or Avoid) Halloween Abroad
BY JENNIFER MALIA Though widely known as an American tradition, Halloween has been adopted by other countries around the world. In many countries, trick-or-treating, costume parties, and spooky decorations have become popular ways of celebrating Halloween. I talked to expat Read more.
The Delightful Sounds Of A Serene Swedish Summer
    We have lived in four houses in the four years since we moved to Sweden. I was tired of the gypsy life and after watching the real estate market climb 15% each year, the window of opportunity for Read more.
What To Do When Your Child Tells You They Held A Gun
“It was real, Mama. It smelled like a real gun. But we didn’t shoot it, we only held it,” my son tells me while sitting in his bubble bath. He is five-years-old. After asking multiple questions, he continued to insist Read more.
The Big V Gets Zero Sympathy From Me
My husband is a sweet, generous, and caring man. He buys all of the groceries, cooks all of the meals and is an extremely hands-on father. He showers me with affection and love even when I’m feeling gross, unwashed, and Read more.
If You Are Going To Be Me Tomorrow
If you’re going to be me tomorrow, you’ll need to know the following: You will be woken up by the sound of your door opening, and you’ll be able to tell, without opening your eyes, which child is coming through Read more.
Celebrating Midsummer In Sweden Like A Swede
In the land of the Midnight Sun, on the longest day of the year, Swedes flock to the countryside, the seaside, or any side that isn’t touching a city. Though the sun never dips below the horizon on the summer Read more.
5 Steps To Raising A Viking Child
This article originally appeared at, “5 Tips For Raising A Viking Child” in their Analog Life section that has other great articles for helping parents venture outdoors with their children.   I just returned from an exhilarating dragon expedition. After Read more.
“Slotting” it up in Sweden
When we said we were heading to one of Sweden’s most famous “slott,” my mother thought I was saying a bad word in English but really, “slott” means castle in Swedish and our activities were pure and innocent. Being a Read more.
Breaking the Mom-Guilt Cycle
Affiliate Links “Please, Lucy, Mama went to six different stores to find that costume. Can you please wear it?”   My heart crushed, my ears burning, and my inner self, the mother who promised never resort to guilt-trips, is disgusted that I am practically Read more.
Swedish Parents Don’t Expect Pinterest Perfection
It’s mid-1990s and I’m in the fourth grade. My mom opens a box of 24 red and pink Valentines featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the front. I sit next to her and fold them along their dotted lines, signing Read more.
An Open Letter to the Dads of Netflix: You Must Take Parental Leave
Dear Dads of Netflix, When news broke of Netflix’s paid parental leave policy, you instantly became the envy of every parent who suffered through those sleepless nights during the first 12 months of his or her child’s life. You have Read more.
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