Soul Sighs

Home is...

Home is more than a building.


More than a house in which we hold breakfasts and dinners every day.

More than a place where the kids visit after school.

More than a place where we all sleep at night, shower in the morning, and store our toothbrushes.

Home is where the morning cuddles happen.

It’s the space behind my knees where my daughter curls up when we sit together on the couch.

It’s the Friday night dance parties, silly giggles, and the Candy Land games in the kitchen.

Home fills up our essential being, our core.

It is fed and nurtured through regular acts of kindness.

Home is where your soul sighs upon returning.
It is where you do the “comfy dance” after changing into your pajamas after work.

Home is the soil between our roots. It is what gets scooped up whenever we are plucked and replanted.

We bring our home with us wherever we travel. Wherever we move.

It is warmth.

It is love.

More good stuff from my friends

“How fast and seamlessly life changes. We sit where we are now, as though this has always been – and yet we are able to remember another iteration of this life, when not just our landscape but our horizon was different; when not just our waking but our dreams were different; when life was just as real as it is now, and yet fundamentally other.”  Read more thoughts on expatriations and repatriation by my friend, Jodi Elliott, on Dear Sabrina.   What I forgot is that the human capacity to love, to loyalty is incredible. It is not being disloyal to love two places at once. It’s healthy to know you can use the amazing skill sets of adaptability and cultural competency to feel at ease in bargaining in a crowded bazaar full of color and spice and at ease hopping on a city subway and heading to a downtown store.” Read more from the beautiful Marilyn Gardner on Communicating Across Boundaries.   A new person for you to follow on Instagram is Jessica Hanlon—an American photographer living in Stockholm, Sweden. This photograph is beautiful in so many ways and Jessica Hanlon is such a talented photographer.

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