Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful chaos.
That’s what this is.
Messy and exhausting it’s not
Supposed to be orderly.
It’s not supposed to make sense.

We establish routines for normalcy
So the children know what to expect
But in the end
And we all follow the routines like a religion.
Bath, books, bed, breakfast, drop off, work, pick up, dinner.
Bath, books, bed and so on until
Years feel like minutes and
Memories of their tiny voices fade.
Our current reality always replaces what was.

Daily monotony is broken by giggles unleashed after  a tickle spider attack,
Insightful conversations in the car, and other
Tiny moments that aren’t marked by holidays on the calendar.
These special moments are the ones you treasure the most because of their unexpectedness.

It’s being silly in public because it makes your kids laugh.
It’s working through exhaustion because there’s no other choice.
It’s messy, tiring, but it’s life.

We are rewarded with sleepy morning cuddles and bedtime stories that only last for a limited time only, folks.

“Get yours now while the gettin’s good!”

Today was crazy and tomorrow will be too, but there is an odd calm to it.
I know one day we’ll look back on this time and think,
“Man, those were the good ‘ole days.”
But right now, it’s pure chaos.

The moments of calm that divide the chaos are where the love overwhelms.

Beautiful chaos, that’s what this is.


@Lisa Ferland

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