Växtförsäljning’s Christmas Market Review

Don’t try to say “växtförsäljning” three times fast unless you are from a Scandinavian country or unless you want a tongue twister challenge.

Växtförsäljning translates simply into “plant nursery” and our local nursery sells wonderful plants, bushes, and trees during the year and converts into a Yuletide haven during the third Advent weekend.

This Christmas Market was the last in our Christmas Market Marathon and the kids were feeling the holiday fatigue. Too much Christmas cheer, perhaps? You know it’s been a few long weeks in a row when the promise of warm waffles and pony rides stirs little excitement in this bunch.

But they dug deep and somehow mustered the strength in their little bodies to hop on a cute pony and ride around a few laps.

The restaurant/cafe on site at Växtförsäljning is one of those hidden gems that not many people know about in our sleepy town of Åkersberga. I know that because whenever I head there for a casual lunch with friends, it’s surprisingly empty.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone and head there quietly to enjoy an organic lunch with delicious desserts in a warm and cozy greenhouse. It’ll be our little secret.

The place livens up during Julmarknad season and you’ll be hard pressed to find parking near the building—best to park as soon as you can and walk the 200m to the front door.


The Atmosphere

The Christmas Market featuring local vendors is all outdoors and the sweet smell of freshly cooked waffles will make you hungry even if you’ve just eaten. There are local vendors selling cured meats, cheeses, knit socks, snarky door hangings featuring the “F” word, among others (gah, I love that vendor), and lots of other cozy handmade items that make perfect Christmas gifts. Last year, I bought a beautiful ceramic water pitcher that permanently resides on my kitchen table.

Watch this quick 1-minute video for a look at the Christmas Market.



Here’s another short video I made with pictures from this Christmas Market. Hopefully, it gets you into the holiday spirit!

Things to Know

  • Address: Stora Säbyvägen 1 
    184 42 Åkersberga 
  • Parking: Free but it can get crazy
  • Entry: Free
  • Dogs: Pets are welcome but I’d suggest leaving them at home as the market gets pretty crowded
  • Check website for more details: http://www.bergavaxter.se/

My Christmas Market Rating: A

Turns our that nothing really compared to the historic charm and flat-out crazy surprises that Wira Bruk offered up, but this market came in a very close second.

It has everything you would want in a Christmas Market—a lot of local vendors selling a diverse range of items, arts and crafts for the kids, a meeting with Santa (we didn’t stay for that but he was scheduled), the Santa Lucia procession (if you want to watch candle wax drip onto a beautiful young lady’s head), warm candied almonds (my favorite), fresh waffles, and a really nice cafe on-site. 

If you haven’t yet bought your julgran (Christmas tree), they have plenty for you to choose from.

PLUS, pony rides! 

This marks the last Christmas Market of our 2017 season. We ended up going to five (5!!) Christmas Markets: Steninge Slott, Gävle’s Julbock, Wira Bruk, Länsmansgården, and of course, Växtförsäljning.

And with that, I’m signing off for the year.

My plans for 2018 include launching a few new courses and webinars for self-publishers—The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing and Crowdfund Your Book Like a Boss. If you’re interested in those, then be sure to check out the freebies I’m offering over at LisaFerland.com. I’ll be sharing more to come on those in the new year.

I hope you enjoy the holiday season with your family.



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