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“My heart jumped. Baby!”

The writers of Knocked Up Abroad and Knocked Up Abroad Again are brave and adventurous in these heart-warming, emotional, and fascinating anthologies. With a fearless spirit, they welcomed babies into the world under somewhat incredible circumstances.

Go on two journeys around the world as 46 mothers and two dads vividly describe their foreign environments and how they learned to thrive in a new country.

These stories take place in over 40 different countries and span several continents to highlight the infinite ways in which babies are welcomed into the world. Knocked Up Abroad and Knocked Up Abroad Again provide a glimpse of the wide range of experiences women face when giving birth and raising their children in a foreign culture, language, and environment. Each story is as unique as the child being born.

Critical Reviews for Knocked Up Abroad

“These stories are harrowing, funny, heartwarming, and vastly different from each other.”

– The Wall Street Journal Expat

“Each story is unique and though the parents in the book all have wide-ranging experiences based on location, the common overwhelming feelings associated with raising a family are evident—including the question, ‘Am I raising my child right?’ with an expat twist of ‘Is this global lifestyle good for my child?'”

—Global Living Magazine

“Knocked Up Abroad floats and jabs, amuses and disturbs, informs and questions. At the heart of it is a true and lovely heart. Ultimately as scary as it may seem to leave one’s home country, one never really leaves home at all. Home is a place you carry with you…No, home is a place first lived in a womb then carried in arms then held by hands. Home is family and family is home. I loved this book from the bottom of my heart.”

– Hubert O’Hearn, San Diego Book Reviews