Länsmånsgården’s Christmas Market Review

Continue to live vicariously through our journey to various Christmas Markets in our Swedish town and beyond.

So far, we have traveled north to Sigtuna, and Gävle, and stayed closer to home to Wira Bruk, and now Länsmansgården.

Länsmansgården is an old mid-18th century property featuring a manor and two-story cottage built in 1743.

The historic buildings now house antiques and the main manor serves as a local art gallery, and the barn is now a cafe that serves up dynamite fika desserts and coffee with a cozy atmosphere to boot.

Our kids love playing in the garden, which also houses school children’s class projects as part of an “outdoor classroom.” Different classes plant crops and see how they fare during the season.

We love visiting Länsmansgården on a regular day and they always host cultural festivities during midsummer and Christmas.

New additions from years past:

  • a new Swedish fence surrounds the property, presumably to keep out the wild boar that destroyed Grade 4’s potato crops last summer (RIP potatoes)
  • more fire pits = more coziness
  • a new seating area with blanket-covered hay bales (nice touch)
  • Missing: a string of lights in the shape of a large tree (or maybe I didn’t notice it since we went during the daylight. Shocking, I know.)
  • Mrs. Santa (Tomtegumma) visited with the kids and gave them pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies).

Things to Know

Address: Kantarellvägen 12 in Åkersberga
Parking: Free but very limited. We had to park down the street.
Entry: Free
Dogs are allowed but not in the historic buildings
The cafe is on site is excellent and is usually packed, but there is usually a hot dog vendor grilling outside.
Bathrooms are available in the building attached to the Konsthall
Check website for more details: http://osterakerskonsthall.se/


My Christmas Market Rating: B

It’s a small Christmas market but will do the trick if you’re looking for some nice arts and crafts from local artists. The antiques and the local handicrafts are available year-round, so there’s no rush to buy those at Christmas if you want to avoid the crowds.

A new addition was that there was beer available to purchase from two local brewers. The alcohol was 2.5%, so they were able to sell it on Sundays (nice!). If you go, dress in warm layers, and be sure to check out the beehive in the back before you leave. The kids always love looking at the bees.

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