You’re a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Imagine you are a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. You are made of cardboard and have crisp edges that fit alongside your fellow puzzle pieces. Together, you make a beautiful picture and the picture isn’t whole without you.
Now, imagine that you are mixed in with other puzzle pieces. In the testing of all of the pieces together, your edges become worn and fuzzy.
Your cardboard rubs up against other pieces that don’t quite fit because they are part of a different picture. Maybe your puzzle piece picture fits a little but the color is a bit off or the shape isn’t quite right.
The fit isn’t perfect because it’s the wrong puzzle, so back into the box you go.
Over time, after multiple puzzle creations, your particular piece of cardboard is very well worn on the edges. Your piece has changed shape.
When you are finally reunited and placed back into your original puzzle, you no longer fit there either.
Your edges don’t form quite the snappy image they once did before you started traveling into other pictures.
You’ve seen and experienced many other puzzle landscapes and scenes but your “home” puzzle, isn’t quite right anymore.
There are gaps in your original picture and you realize that you no longer fit like you used to.
Other crisp puzzle pieces might not understand why you no longer fit because they are perfectly fine in their original location. They expect you to come back into place and finish the original picture.
After discovering that you don’t quite fit into any premade puzzle, it’s up to you to create a new puzzle. You must find someone who matches your shape and color to create a new scene.
Creating this new puzzle takes time and patience but it’s the only way.
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