The Lovely Haze of Baby Days

Lindsay Kellar-Madsen discovered inspiration and ideas amidst diapers, laundry, and sleepless nights. There’s something about rocking your baby in the wee hours of the night that gets your brain cells tingling. 

In Lindsay’s case, she wanted to share hope and support for fellow moms who are in the thick fog of  exhaustion that comes with those early baby days.

As the conditions surrounding the current pandemic continue, isolation is making maternal struggles with loneliness, anxiety, and depression an even bigger battle. My hope is this book will remind us that we are not alone in motherhood.’

Lindsay and her family live in Denmark and her first book is a board book slated for publication pending a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

‘This is a new kind of board book, featuring beautiful illustrations depicting everyday moments moms share with their babies with a witty, but candid text for the reader, mama! It gives little ones an early introduction to language through rhyme, and for mothers is a book of solidarity, to help them get through the tough days and the sleepless nights.’

Using humor and relatable moments, Lindsay and her illustrator have tried to capture the reality of motherhood in a fun and engaging way.

These are moments all moms will recognize and relate to and seasoned moms will vividly remember.

This last year on maternity leave with my twin girls was especially overwhelming. At the hardest, most exhausting point, I had an idea. What if there was a creative way I could put my message of support, somewhere mothers might hear it? What if they might feel less lonely or anxious, if they could sense their sense of community? This board book is how I hope to do that.

I partnered with a Danish artist, Mie Frey Damgaard, to bring the vision of this book to life. She is also a mother with small children so she understood the sense of solidarity I was looking to integrate into this story, and her sweet and clever illustrations have really captured the magic and chaos of motherhood. 

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You can also order customized artwork for your baby’s room, which is absolutely darling! 

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