Crowdfund Your Book Like A Boss

Crowdfund your book like a boss

Crowdfunding—fund your book in 30 days.


If you are adventurous, have the time to plan out your campaign strategy, and want to have someone else pay for the publication of your book, then crowdfunding may be right for you.

Anyone can be successful at crowdfunding their book if they have a solid strategy before they launch.

Crowdfund Your Book Like A Boss Services

One-on-one crowdfunding coaching

I will hold your hand and help you design the best strategy to successfully launch your crowdfunding campaign on either Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. I have experience with both and can advise you on which platform fits your needs the best.

When you launch your crowdfunding campaign, your inbox will be flooded with offers for press releases, Tweeting out your campaign to a bunch of bots, and other services that are designed to prey on your insecurities.

Crowdfunding consulting services include

  • Six (6) hours of calls, Skype, or Facetime sessions for strategy and campaign support
  • My experience and lessons learned from hours of researching and experience on multiple crowdfunding campaigns
  • Access to tried-and-true resources, podcasts, and webinars
  • Input and feedback on your campaign video
  • Input and feedback on your campaign page
  • Newsletter and PR messaging templates/boilerplate language
  • Excel spreadsheet with your campaign calendar, tools, similar campaigns, and other helpful tabs to manage your crowdfunding campaign
  • Email and messaging support before, during, and after your campaign
  • Total cost: $869

If you need extra coaching time or support, additional hours are $75 each.

**Self-publishing clients (existing or former) receive a 15% discount on all crowdfunding services.**

Are you ready to crowdfund your book like a total boss?

Email me and let’s get started!

Don’t want full one-on-one crowdfunding coaching?

Pick my brain instead.

Pick My Brain on Crowdfunding

If you want to Pick My Brain on the crowdfunding process and what to expect, you are welcome to ask me any questions you want.

I can save you a lot of wasted time and effort by steering you in the right direction before you start your campaign.

What’s included in a Pick My Brain session?

  • Before our call, you will need to complete a questionnaire so that I can provide you the best information possible
  • A 45-minute information and value-packed discussion
  • An email summary of our discussion
  • A detailed action plan so that you can take the next steps on your self-publishing journey
  • Total cost: $225
  • Extra time can be added at $75/hour if you want to continue to pick my brain

 Ready to Pick My Brain? Email me and let’s get started!

**Self-publishing clients (existing or former) receive a 15% discount on all crowdfunding services.**


Kind words…testimonials

“I was privileged to be one of the authors on Lisa’s Knocked Up Abroad Again and was completely blown away with her professionalism from start to finish.  She worked tirelessly on the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, getting in front of as many people as possible, reaching out personally pulling favors, emailing, posting in online communities, constantly updating so that investors were always aware of how the campaign was doing and how much their efforts were appreciated.”
~Rosemary Gillan, contributor to Knocked Up Abroad Again and Once Upon an Expat
“I was incredibly impressed with Lisa’s organizational and managerial skills when she sought to fund the second volume of the Knocked Up Abroad book series.
Through her leadership, flexibility, and innovation, she was able to quickly change plans to go with what works for raising money.
~Vanessa Jencks, rue Run Media (theBeijinger | beijingkids | JingKids)
“It was an absolute pleasure working with Lisa on the Knocked Up Abroad Series and Kickstarter campaign. As contributors, Lisa kept us fully informed and engaged throughout the whole process, which I really appreciated.
Her commitment to getting this project more than fully funded was unswerving, and her passion nothing less than inspiring.”
~Lucille Abendanon,

Past campaigns:

Kickstarter: The 90-Day Action Planner (110%)

Kickstarter: Knocked Up Abroad Again (108%)

IndieGoGo: Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence (122%)

Kickstarter: Sarah’s Journey (104%)


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