The Bag That Will Revolutionize Parenting

One of the best parts of entering into the crowdfunding community is that other creatives and inventors discover and connect with one another. I had the pleasure of running across Pricilla’s amazing invention that is perfect for parents who are looking for a diaper bag that can do it all—The Division of Labor Dual Tote.




Designed by a busy mom who was tired of the mess that became her diaper bag, this bag is durable and stylish enough to last long after your baby is out of diapers. When I was pregnant, we purchased a black diaper bag that my husband wouldn’t mind carrying. I was continually digging through it to try to find wipes and an extra clean onesie when diaper physics failed me yet again. I can’t tell you how many times I would discover a lost pair of socks at the bottom of the bag.

I would’ve given my right arm (the one that I use for world-domination) for a bag like the Division of Labor Dual Tote. The fact that it’s two bags that magnetically stick together makes schlepping all of your stuff much easier. Having two separate bags allows you to easily hand off the one with the diapers when you are on your way somewhere else or strap one to the stroller and the other across your body.

The magnetic attachments used in this bag kind of represent how I approach parenting—easy to stick together but not impossible to detach and hand off to my partner when I need some help.

The best part? When you’re baby is all grown up, you can gift the Care tote to your pregnant friend and keep the Command tote for yourself. Win win!

Watch the video and check out the rewards below:

The Division of Labor Dual Tote (Canceled)

Priscilla Barton is raising funds for The Division of Labor Dual Tote (Canceled) on Kickstarter! Parents, GET YOUR LIFE BACK: 1 bag for work/gym + 1 for baby = fashionable, organized and convenient carry solution to the daily grind!

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Labor of Division Dual Tote

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