**Big Announcement** We are Knocked Up Abroad Again!

New baby coming soon!

Knocked Up Abroad Again: Baby Bumps, Twists, And Turns Around The Globe is the title of our new book baby.

After months of collecting new stories for the book, we have over 20 mothers who have shared their stories for us to learn about the infinite ways in which women birth babies worldwide.

As the second book in the Knocked Up Abroad series, the stories within will take you on a new journey to new countries—one with laughter, some heartbreak, and a whole lot of love.

In this book, you will discover the challenges women face while pregnant, giving birth, experiencing tremendous loss, and learning the ropes of parenting in foreign cultures.

Stories take place (in no particular order) in Turkey, South Africa, Australia, The Netherlands, Bolivia, Benin, China, Thailand, Brazil, Guatemala, France, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Malaysia, Macedonia, Congo, India, Sweden, and Japan. A pretty wide range, huh?

We even have some returning contributors from the first book (Sarah Murdock, Clara Wiggins, and Olga Mecking) so you can continue to learn about their lives. How do you celebrate your children’s birthdays in a country that doesn’t recognize the birthday tradition? How about discovering you are pregnant while providing relief after a natural disaster? Things can get a bit crazy when you are pregnant abroad.

Are you excited about the next book in the Knocked Up Abroad series? I hope so!

We will be launching our crowdfunding campaign soon and we need your help and support in order to bring this book together.

In order to produce a professional book and provide the contributors a financial reward for sharing their stories, Knocked Up Abroad Again will be funded with your support. This campaign will result in zero profit. All excess funds after expenses for the book’s production are met are going to the contributors. The more successful the campaign, the more the writers benefit and they deserve it.

By supporting the crowdfunding campaign, not only will you receive the book BEFORE the general public, but you will also be supporting the mothers of Knocked Up Abroad Again.

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And the women of Knocked Up Abroad Again are:

Lucille Abendanon, Michelle Acker Perez, Sarah Ackerman, Brynn Barineau, Nicola Beach, Debi Beaumont, Cecile Dash, Charlotte Edwards Zhang, Mihal Greener, Rosemary Gillan, Sarah Hansen, Marcey Heschel, Vanessa Jencks, Amy Johansson, Erin Long, Olga Mecking, Sarah Murdock, Margaret Özemet, Cristina Pop, Ruth Silbermayr-Song, Kristy Smith, Melissa Uchiyama, Amanda van Mulligen and Clara Wiggins.

When women support each other, incredible things happen

Be on the lookout for more details soon!

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