Taking Route: Finding Your Parenting Style In Between Cultures


The ladies (Denise and Alicia) at Taking Route have a great podcast up and running if you are looking for a new podcast to listen to about life abroad. When they approached me to chat about the Knocked Up Abroad series, I was super excited to share my story about how living in Sweden has had a profound influence on my approach to parenting.

Denise has six (6!) children abroad (I don’t know how she finds time to put together a podcast) and we connected right away. We both love allowing our kids to play unattended and our lives abroad have reduced our “nervousness” in our approaches to parenting. (We also both harbor an unnatural hatred for Pinterest, but that’s another story.)

Be sure to follow Taking Route on Instagram for more of their great content including Denise’s awesome passport hack.

Also, Alicia from Taking Route is knocked up abroad again herself—and she uses that term!—and I love it when women refer to themselves lovingly as knocked up abroad. It makes me happy that more people seeing the humor in it all because we all need a bit more laughter in our lives.

Below is a 60-second preview of the podcast and you can listen to the full episode here.

Taking Route Podcast preview

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