Feed the Baby Hummus—Book Review and Giveaway

Feed the Baby Hummus is the newest book to hit the shelves that dives into international practices related to bonding, soothing, and nurturing babies.

Pediatrician, Lisa Lewis, MD, gathered all of the cultural practices related to behavior and development, nutrition, and building immunity and presents it in an easy-to-read format for mothers everywhere.

We can learn from what other cultures do and while we may not be able to incorporate every aspect of each cultural tradition into our lives, Dr. Lewis provides slight modifications that allow parents to incorporate what they can into their parenting.

Balinese babies are held during their first 105 days of life

Balinese babies are held extensively for the first 105 days of their lives—their feet never touch the ground.

Dr. Lewis explains that the spiritual practice of never placing a Balinese baby down may not be practical in our everyday busy lives, but that extensive holding benefits both the baby and the often sleep-deprived parents. 

“I suggest you enlist the help of family and friends to provide extensive holding. Although the group approach may seem invasive to those who desire solitude, when a baby arrives, more hands available to hold him will decrease the new parents’ stress”

Infant massage decreases everyone’s stress

After a baby is born in India, they are often massaged with a soft wheat dough ball and oil. Infant massage leads to enhanced bonding, healthy skin-to-skin contact, and relaxing rhythmic touch that often results in better infant sleep.

(I studied Indian and Swedish infant massage when Lucy was born and it also helped with her digestion as well which alleviated a lot of gassiness and discomfort.)

Dr. Lewis provides a step-by-step guide for infant massage that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Your baby will thank you.

Singapore siblings are special helpers

If your family is growing, a mother’s concern is usually focused on how the older children will react to and accept the new baby in their lives.

In Singapore, older siblings are encouraged to help out as much as possible and tend to the newborn baby with comforting kisses.

Incorporating the older siblings into the newborn’s care as much as possible will help the family bond as a unit so nobody feels left out.

Healthy infant sleep

No book about parenting would be complete without a chapter dedicated to sleep and Dr. Lewis does not disappoint.

In Japan and in many parts of Asia, babies often co-sleep with the mother. Dr. Lewis recommends different types of co-sleepers and explains the pros and cons of various strategies and sleeping arrangements—how the Dutch rock their babies, the Japanese cuddle, and how the Fins reduced infant mortality rates by providing mothers a baby box that meets SIDS prevention criteria. 

Feed your baby recipes from around the world

Of course, Dr. Lewis includes a recipe for Lebanese hummus (I mean, that’s why most mothers picked up the book in the first place, right? Hummus…mmmm.) in the Appendix, which looks absolutely delicious.

Other baby food recipes from around the world include rice congee from China, easy garam masala chicken from India, Middle Eastern lentils with turmeric, and Costa Rican picadillo de Chayote to name a few.

This book has all of the above and more with countless approaches for soothing and loving babies that work for mothers around the world.

Parenting is a test kitchen and it’s necessary to experiment with as many things as possible before you find a blend that works for you and your baby.

Feed the Baby Hummus provides everything the globally-minded mother is looking for when it comes to raising her child with a blend of traditions.


I received a free copy of this book to review but the views and opinions are my own.

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