Expat Parenting: Coping with Contrasting Child-Rearing Cultures


Hoboken NJ playground - Lisa Ferland

My latest article was featured in the Wall Street Journal and discussed the child-reading differences I witnessed from my native American culture and my adopted Swedish culture.

“Child-rearing is a deeply cultural issue and there are numerous factors─economic, social and political─that affect how we raise our children. In Sweden, children are provided with the space and freedom to behave as children, and parents are empowered to raise their children with a more hands-off approach. What I saw in the Hoboken playgrounds was the need to apologize to other parents for completely acceptable child-like behavior because ultimately, American mothers judge other mothers and we wouldn’t want to accidentally offend anyone, now would we?”

To read the full article over at the Wall Street Journal, please click on this link and please provide comments or feedback.

Did you ever have a moment where you felt more foreign in your “home” country than you did in your current country?

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