Virtual Midwife

Giving birth abroad can be an intimidating process and Karen Wilmot, the Virtual Midwife, is looking to support women around the world take control over their birth experiences.

The six-week course will help pregnant mothers have a clear plan of action for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Included are video tutorials, audio downloads, cheat sheets, to-do lists, how-to guides, and easy-to-follow weekly modules.

This is the perfect way to replace fear with curiosity and really enjoy your pregnancy. You will also have access to the Virtual Midwife Chat Room with real time live sessions to ask questions and get answers, as well as the private Facebook group to share and feel supported.

Read more about my thoughts on Karen’s program and how I wish I had something like this when I was knocked up abroad.

Click here to head straight to Karen’s site for her video overviews of the course.

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