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About Knocked Up Abroad Again

This charming anthology takes readers to new countries with new sights, sounds, and smells to thrill both newcomers and devoted readers of the Knocked Up Abroad series.

Knocked Up Abroad Again: Baby bumps, twists, and turns around the globe is a +250-page anthology written by 25 mothers in 25 different countries, all with a pioneer woman attitude.

Each mother, with her unique voice and from her perspective, describes the highs and lows of motherhood as she straddles the distance between what was familiar with the reality of her unfamiliar and foreign environment.

The women in this anthology discovered that family is home and home is family. It doesn’t matter where we raise our children as long as we understand that everyone does it differently with wonderful success.

This heartwarming, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking collection of stories illustrates that the more we see, the more we learn about ourselves as human beings.

Meet the Contributors


Knocked Up Abroad Again Contributors

Twenty-five writers have tapped into emotional depths to bring you their personal pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, and parenting stories while living in a foreign country. Meet them here and discover their beautiful writing on their personal and professional websites.


Knocked Up Abroad

1—Birth Control, Birth, And The Need For Translation, Melissa Uchiyama

2—How To Prepare For A Baby In China, Charlotte Edwards Zhang

3—My Turkish Delight, Rosemary Gillan

4—An Unexpected Discovery In Thailand, Clara Wiggins

5—Winging It In West Africa, Nicola Beach

6—Knocked Up In Johannesburg, Debi Beaumont

7—Macedonia to Oregon—My Transcontinental Preemie, Erin Long

8—Not According To Plan, Margaret Özemet

9—War And Peace, Lucille Abendanon

10—You Should Have A Baby Boy, Ruth Silbermayr-Song

11—Seven Weeks And Twenty-Eight Days, Brynn Barineau

12—Twenty-Eight Hours In Abu Dhabi, Kristy Smith

13—The Best Thing About A Dutch Birth, Amanda van Mulligen

14—Exploring Petra Indiana Jones Style, Jennifer Malia

Loss And Healing Abroad

15—The Gift, Amy Johansson

16—My Foreign Miscarriage, Vanessa Jencks

17—Footprints Left Behind, Marcey Heschel

Parenting Abroad

18—Woven Between Two Cultures, Michelle Acker Perez

19—A Girl And Her Guard, Sara Ackerman

20—The Other Side Of Adoption, Cecile Dash

21—Baby Pollution Jail, Cristina Pop

22—Three Countries And Seven Apartments In Twelve Months, Sarah Hansen

23—Unexpected Encounters Of The Playground Kind, Olga Mecking

24—The Life Of Riley (And His Siblings) In Benin, Sarah Murdock

25—Parenting In the Land Of The Not-So-Politically-Correct, Mihal Greener

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  1. Mothers Abroad
    October 19, 2016 @ 10:04 pm

    […] You might feel you are the only one struggling with all that. But you are not. I have been there too. So were other 25 mothers from 25 countries. We wrote this book together. This book is for you, Mamma. […]


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