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Women around the world find healing in sharing their pregnancy, birth, or parenting stories.

 Submission requirements:

  • Original, previously unpublished work is preferred but I will consider previously published posts.
  • Note: Previously published work is not eligible for payment.
  • Topics can cover pregnancy, birth, adoption, surrogacy, and child-rearing/parenting while living abroad.

  • Recommended length between 700-1000 words

  • Include title, name, nationality (e.g., Nationality: USA and Canada), and the country(ies) where the story takes place (e.g., Knocked up in: USA and Sweden, Birthed in: France, Parented in: Australia).

  • Include 1-2 pictures if you’d like something other than stock photos for your blog post.
  • Include a brief bio about yourself to be included at the end of your chapter that may include a link to your website.

  • There is $35 payment for accepted submissions sent via PayPal within 30 days after publication.

  • Submit your story to

I love reading birth stories and learning about other people’s experiences raising their families abroad.



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