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The Moments That Surprise You
The post below contains affiliate links to help support Knocked Up Abroad at no extra cost to you.   Ever since starting this book publishing collaborative journey, I’ve reached out to a lot of writers, illustrators, marketers, and people in Read more.
Wherever you go, there you are
  “Money in the bank. Braces are money in the bank,” my Nana told me at her kitchen table in upstate New York. I was 15 years old; my mouth was sore and full of twisted metal. I didn’t feel Read more.
Moana Ruined My Kid's Perception of Death
Moana Ruined My Kid’s Perception of Death
Clicking on the affiliate links in this post support Knocked Up Abroad at no extra cost to you.   Like many families around the world, when we watched the movie Moana (otherwise known as Vaiana), we fell in love with Read more.
Book Review: Arrivals Departures and the Adventures In-Between
Affiliate Links **This is an honest review of a book I purchased with my own money cause I’m a book hoarder.** Knocked Up Abroad uses affiliate links that deliver great content at no extra cost to you.   I first Read more.
Can it ever be enough?
  I’ve been there for every moment. Every smile, every laugh, every wobbly step—every everything—and yet it feels like I am still missing out on so much. How is it not enough? I look back at baby pictures taken years Read more.
Forest Preschools—What, Where, Why, and How?
Forest preschools—a potential solution for whiny kids   My kids are super sweet but the annoyingly high level of whining that occurs after I pick them up from their Swedish preschool is shocking. I’m always amazed how they can go Read more.
A Day in the Life of A Bilingual Family When the Parents Aren’t Bilingual
  A lot of emotions swirl around every day as a parent, but when your children are bilingual and the parents are monolingual, there tends to be a wider range of emotions related to language on a daily basis. From Read more.
Here Come the Easter Witches
When you think about Easter, you immediately think “witch.” No? Me neither. Probably the funniest Scandinavian tradition is the Easter witch. In Sweden and Finland—young children hit the streets the Thursday before Easter dressed as peasants (or in their finest Read more.
The Gift of the Aha Moment
The light bulb flicks on and all of a sudden, the hair raises on the back of your neck and goosebumps cover your arms. The aha moment. The sudden crash of insight as you realize that your perspective has been Read more.
7 Ways Swedish Women Can Revolutionize Your Life Today
  You know what they say, “You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” In honor of Women’s History Month, I am highlighting seven largely unknown Swedish female revolutionaries from history. Okay, one of them is Read more.
Parenting: Leave it to the trolls
  The first image that may come to mind when someone mentions trolls is probably a small plastic figurine with a shock of bright hair, large eyes, and a bejeweled belly button. These Danish troll dolls were the US’ biggest Read more.
Expat Entrepreneurs: Do they have the answers?
  Motherhood didn’t kill my career—moving abroad did. And by “killing my career” I mean that moving abroad completely changed how I needed to view my employment opportunities. It forced me embrace a field that used to terrify me—entrepreneurship. I Read more.
Why a Simple Vacation Beats a Luxurious One
  Maybe I’m just a simple gal who enjoys the simpler things in life but in all of our travels, my favorite vacations have been the ones in which I can let go of all of my stress. I’m a Read more.
12 Strange Truths In A Snowy Climate
  Living in a snowy climate can be fun if you like snow, but it can result in some strange lifestyle adaptations. For instance, you discover that gloves don’t keep your fingers warm and you double up on mittens, and you end Read more.
My Kids Will Never Be “American as Apple Pie”
Cultural Identity Identity changes occur often throughout all of our lives. Changes in growth and development, family structure, education, and career all result in remarkably complex personal transitions. Far and away, the shift in our cultural identity—who we identify ourselves Read more.
Top Baby Names Around The World 2017
Choosing your baby’s name is an incredibly difficult task. Will it suit their personality? Will it be easy to pronounce? Spell? Nicknames? Yes or no? Will they hate us for the name we choose and decide to go by their Read more.
When The Exciting Life Feels Normal
  When we first moved to Sweden (five years ago, ahh!), the newness of everything was overwhelming. Every day we jumped into the unknown with glee. It was thrilling to have a clean slate. We could be whoever we wanted to Read more.
Happy Birthday! We’ve come a long way, baby
  It has been a full 12 months since the publication of Knocked Up Abroad and I am celebrating by making it FREE to download on Amazon January 26-29, 2017. I want more readers, more reviews, and more people to discover the Read more.

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  • I am honored to be part of such a talented group of writers and mothers with BIG vision. Lisa Ferland is one inspiring editor, ready to give the world another marvelous read. Sometimes one of the bravest things we can do as women is to lay down roots and plant seeds in a garden so very far from home. All of these 26 authors in 25 countries have much to share in stories that are superbly written. Support this and enjoy!

  • Jennifer Malia

    After reading the first book in the series, Knocked Up Abroad, I knew I wanted to write my story about traveling with my six-month-old daughter in Petra. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute as a writer to Knocked Up Abroad Again. I couldn’t ask for a better editor than Lisa Ferland or more supportive group of writers than the Knocked Up Abroad Again family. By sharing our stories, we hope to inspire others to follow in our footsteps.

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