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A Beautiful Death: Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet
Living with an elderly pet is like playing a game of Jenga. As each player removes a block from the tower and stacks it on top, the entire structure starts to sway. Each move makes the tower more unsteady. After Read more.
Växtförsäljning’s Christmas Market Review
Don’t try to say “växtförsäljning” three times fast unless you are from a Scandinavian country or unless you want a tongue twister challenge. Växtförsäljning translates simply into “plant nursery” and our local nursery sells wonderful plants, bushes, and trees during Read more.
Länsmånsgården’s Christmas Market Review
Continue to live vicariously through our journey to various Christmas Markets in our Swedish town and beyond. So far, we have traveled north to Sigtuna, and Gävle, and stayed closer to home to Wira Bruk, and now Länsmansgården. Länsmansgården is Read more.
The Laughter Keeps the Crazy at Bay
It’s the head-thrown-back-uninhibited laughter that I’ll miss. The giggles and the demands for more tickles. “Go…[giggle]…stop…[giggle]…go…stop…go…stop…” We play this game every day. They are the best minutes strung in a sequence that I can imagine. We can’t play it for Read more.
The Gävle Goat Survives
Gävle, Sweden is famous for this oversized straw goat. It’s only famous because vandals burn it down every year much to the sadness of the townspeople of Gävle. Or are they really sad when the goat burns down? It is Read more.
Dragon Skulls, Fairies, and Trolls at Wira Bruk’s Christmas Market
Wira Bruk is an old iron works village that was active back in the heyday of Sweden’s superpower era when they were cranking out weaponry as fast as they could. It’s the site where the King’s weapons (read: swords) and Read more.
My Review of Steninge Slott’s Christmas Market
Steninge Slott’s Julmarknad is always a fun trip out to Sigtuna, Sweden. The Christmas market is housed in the stone barn behind the 17th Century palace and the interior is stunning. The vaulted ceilings of the barn give it an Read more.
Soul Sighs
  Home is… Home is more than a building. More than a house in which we hold breakfasts and dinners every day. More than a place where the kids visit after school. More than a place where we all sleep at night, Read more.
Visiting the Christmas Markets in Sweden
It is Christmas Market (Julmarknad) season in Europe and Sweden has some of the most darling Christmas markets. Glögg (mulled wine), reindeer meat, and candles on evergreen trees are all part and parcel of a good Swedish Christmas market. Kickstarting Read more.
Celebrating Holidays When Living Abroad
Holidays have a special place in our hearts. We grow up with certain traditions—some wacky, some practical, and some that sound crazy when we try to explain them to outsiders. Regardless of how we choose to celebrate our special holidays, Read more.
Creating Kiddo Story Time | Knocked Up Abroad
Creating Kiddo Story Time—Improvisation at Its Best
I sat down with my son, Calvin, to ask him a few questions about his new school and find out what he likes most and least about living in Sweden. His answers surprised me a bit! After we finished the Read more.
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful chaos.That’s what this is.Motherhood.Fatherhood.Parenting.Messy and exhausting it’s notSupposed to be orderly.It’s not supposed to make sense. We establish routines for normalcySo the children know what to expect But in the endAnd we all follow the routines like a religion.Bath, Read more.
Virtual Midwife—Who is she and can she help you?
I sat down with Karen Wilmot, the Virtual Midwife, and asked her some questions about the 6-week course she is offering to mothers around the world. Karen is a midwife who has been helping mothers give birth in foreign countries Read more.
You’re My Favorite
You crawled into bed with me this morning after the sun rose. My arms wrapped around you and I breathed in your hair. You smell of the shampoo you didn’t wash out of your hair last night when you giggled Read more.
The Return of the Lost Wedding Dress
Five years ago, I discovered that my wedding dress, photo albums, and a few fragile items with sentimental value ended up in a dumpster somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. It wasn’t my choice to throw away my beloved sentimental items but Read more.
5 Tips to Increase Your Emergency Preparedness
After watching the destruction caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria the news is full of stories about families rushing to stores to stock up on supplies only to discover that all of the stores are sold out. It’s apparent Read more.
Celebrating the Tired, the Hopeful, and the Dedicated Midwives
  “Midwives? What is this, the 1400s? Do I have a feudal master to whom I pay monthly tithes in grain?” To say the least, my husband was unenlightened when it came to childbirth practices. He has since come a Read more.
You might be a mom if…
Leave a comment on Facebook with the crazy things you’ve started doing now that you’re definitely a mom. Transcript of the video You might be a mom if you’ve redefined what crazy means after you’ve since checked off all of Read more.
Unmedicated and Unplanned Birth Story on Motherbirth’s Podcast
I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Mellisa and Laura on Motherbirth’s podcast and describing my somewhat unusual birth story that other women have also experienced with Hypnobabies (aff). It is incredible to think that more and more mothers Read more.
What Americans Living Abroad Should Do After the Equifax Data Breach
What to do after the Equifax data breach? If you’re an American living abroad you have already gone through trials and tribulations trying to manage bank accounts, taxes, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and the other ridiculous logistical bureaucratic steps Read more.

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