Sept 22 Twitter Party—#KnockedUpAbroadAgain

Twitter Party Sept 22

We want to hear your stories about parenting in foreign countries. Do you have a travel story you want to mention? Maybe you live far away from friends and family. Are you a military family? If so, this Twitter party is a great way to share your perspective.

“Twitter Party, what’s a Twitter Party? Will there be drinks?”

Answer: Yes! But it’s totally BYOB. You can connect with fellow travelers, expats, and explorers around the world without ever leaving your comfy sofa.

To celebrate the amazing launch of Knocked Up Abroad Again, we are hosting a Twitter Party where we are discussing pregnancy, birth, and parenting experiences. All are welcome at our table and you do not have to be living abroad or have children abroad to participate. If you have an interesting experience or a funny travel story, travel tips, or something new to share, we want to hear about it!

Be sure to include the hashtag #knockedupabroadagain in all of your Tweets so we can find you and retweet you!

Cultural Immersion Is Impactful

We’d love to hear about any cultural experiences you’ve had while traveling—either domestically or internationally—with your family. The questions we pose during the Twitter Party will be related to experiences you may have had while navigating the grocery store or restaurant without knowing the language, your favorite family memories while on a trip, and other interesting tidbits about life on the road. We are influenced in so many ways by experiencing cultural immersion and we want to remind people that local practices differ everywhere.

The Details

WHAT: #knockedupabroadagain Twitter Party—Cultural Experiences While Traveling

WHEN: September 22, 9-10 p.m. CET  and then again 9-10 p.m ET (8-9 p.m. CT; 7-8 p.m. MT; 6-7 p.m. PT)

WHO: Panelists @knockdupabroad @munchkintreks

HOW TO JOIN: Follow the #knockedupabroadagain hashtag

SPREAD THE WORD:   [Tweet “What was your favorite cultural experience while traveling? Join Twitter Party @ #knockedupabroadagain Sept 22 @ 9 pm CET & 9 pm ET“]


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