Sundae Schneider-Bean is an intercultural specialist from the US who has traveled the world and expatriated to Switzerland with her Swiss husband. They moved to Burkina Faso for two and a half years with their young children and, finding themselves on neutral ground (not the US or Switzerland), really jelled as a family unit.

Happy memories and experiences were sometimes interrupted  by new challenges as a parent when the country underwent country-wide demonstrations, a political uprising, a transitional government, and a coup d’état. While not ever necessarily feeling that she or her family would be targeted directly in these events, the terrorist attack in Ouagadougou left a feeling of uncertainty that was hard to shake.


Parenting during abrupt transitions is never easy and often times we look to others to see what they would do in our situation.

How did Sundae and her husband ultimately decide how to make a very difficult decision for their family? Watch the video interview below and leave a comment.

Head over to Sundae’s website to contact her or reach out so that you can optimize your time and make your life easier during your transition. In another interview, Sundae also discusses how she deals with unexpected transitions.

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