Games Around The World—What’s Inside?

Games Around The World—Knocked Up Abroad

GlobeTrottin’ Kids has created a fun resource for families and teachers to introduce kids (first through third graders) to different cultures through games and play. For these age groups, play is the most effective instructional tool and I tested out some of the games with my kiddos.

For the Fukuwarai game (similar to Pin The Tail On The Donkey), we used my handy eye mask and some sticky tack. The kids loved the wacky faces that resulted from their efforts.

Fukiwara—Games Around The World


Fukuwarai Games Around The World

With 35 games from 23 different countries, there are plenty of activities to keep us busy during the cold, dark winter in Sweden. I love the handy chart that clearly lists all of the items you’ll need for each game.

Games Around The World—Knocked Up Abroad

What’s Inside?

The PDF file comes complete with any playing cards or game sheets that are easy to print from your computer at home.

  • Connect children to their peers around the world through traditional games like tag, hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and dominoes.
  • Each game card includes clear instructions to prepare and play the game, its country of origin, and printables when necessary.
  • Also included is a world map for kids to identify the country of the game they will be playing.
  • A selection of eight additional activities and related worksheets are included. For example, children are invited to create their own game or teach one of the games to their friends.

Semut, Orange, Gajah is a great game from Indonesia that we loved playing on the tram ride into the city because the kids had a fun time making new hand gestures. Similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, the kids were already familiar with the idea of throwing hand gestures and even my three-year-old could master sticking her pinkie finger out.

Games Around The World—Knocked Up Abroad

If you want to learn more about Games Around The World or purchase your copy, click here to find out more. GlobeTrottin’ Kids has a ton of other resources available for your global citizens here.

Enjoy playing with your kids!

*Please note, I received this PDF in exchange for a review but the opinions are my own.*

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