Contributor Chats With Melissa Uchiyama

Knocked Up Abroad Chats


Contributor Melissa Uchiyama (and her three-month-old daughter, Lana) took time out of their busy day to have a casual chat about life in Japan and the things that she wants to accomplish in the near future.

In this podcast (our first ever “podcast”!) we discuss:

  • How language is the key to unlocking all interactions abroad
  • The beauty of quick births
  • Blending cultural traditions
  • Melissa’s plans to grow as a writer
  • Her ideas for the future of Knocked Up Abroad
  • How readers can support the Knocked Up Abroad community (hint: leave an Amazon review and then lend/give your book to a friend)
  • Pledge today to support Melissa and the other 25 contributors of Knocked Up Abroad Again on Kickstarter (there’s not much time left!)

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